10 Key Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Builder Working On Roof Of New Building, Construction worker wearing safety harness and safety line working on roof new warehouse.

Does your business need roofing repairs or a replacement?

If you’ve recently noticed rot, broken or cracked tiles, or leaking or mold, these can be signs that you need a new roof.

Roofing work can be a big expense, something no business owner looks forward to. However, with the right commercial roofing contractor, you can get the job done as easily and quickly as possible.

However, with so many roofing companies, how can you find the right one for your needs? To help you make the right choice, keep reading for the top ten questions to ask a commercial roofing business before hiring.

1. Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor If They’re Licensed and Insured

When selecting a Dallas roofing company for your project, always check first that they are fully insured and licensed. This ensures your company is protected in case anything goes wrong and it also speaks for the professionalism of the business.

Unfortunately, there are dishonest businesses out there who operate outside of the law, so always check that the roofing company you hire has all safety and legal requirements to operate in the state.

You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau to make sure the company is in good standing.

2. Can I Have a Written Estimate?

Commercial roofing projects are an investment, so you want to know how much you’ll spend before approving the job.

Always ask for a written estimate before hiring a roofing company. This way, you know exactly what to expect in advance.

Any reputable company, like Najars Roofing Arlington Texas, will be glad to give a written estimate so that you can stay within your budget. If you are on a strict budget, it doesn’t hurt to let the roofing company know.

3. Which Roof Type Is Best for My Building?

You count on your roofing company to be experts in their field, so don’t be afraid to ask them for advice.

If you’re unsure what roofing types and materials are best for your company, they can give suggestions after reviewing your building.

Commercial roofing services require specialized knowledge, so look for a company that are glad to give recommendations about which roof will best suit your needs.

4. Do You Offer a Warranty for Your Work?

After investing in a new commercial roof, you want it to last for as long as it can. But what if something goes wrong with the roofing materials or installation?

Always check if the roofing company offers a warranty for their work and materials. If so, make time to understand the fine print of what is and isn’t covered by warranty.

This provides peace of mind that your new roof will be safe for years to come.

5. How Long Will the Project Take to Complete?

How long will your roofing project take, from start to finish? First, you’ll need to know how soon the company can get started, depending on their other projects and availability.

Then, you’ll want to know how long the job will take, so you can plan accordingly—especially if the work will impact your access to the building.

6. Can I See Your References?

References and online reviews are essential for any business. Always ask to see testimonials or reviews from previous clients, such as those who have buildings similar to yours.

You can search online to see if the business has reviews as well. These can help you gain trust in a company and can assist if you’re trying to decide between two different businesses.

7. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Roofing is a complex industry and requires years of training, skills, and on-the-job experience.

Look for a Fort Worth roofing company with plenty of experience working in the area. At Najars, we have 15 years of experience and many satisfied customers.

8. Who Is My Contact Person for Questions?

At any point during the roofing process, you may have questions, concerns, or uncertainties about the project. If so, who will you call?

You need to find out before the project begins as to who your contact person for the job will be.

No one likes calling up and speaking to a different person each time, having to explain again and again the issue. Instead, make sure you have a name and direct line for someone who can assist you.

9. Is it Better to Repair or Replace My Roof?

You may be unsure if your current roof can be repaired, or if it needs replacing. An honest, ethical roofing company should be able to examine your roof and give recommendations on what’s best for you, not what will make them the most money.

If you feel a roofing company is trying to pressure you into additional work or purchases that you may not need, it’s ok to find another company.

10. How Do I Know You’re the Right Company for the Job?

Sometimes, it can be hard to know which roofing company is best for your needs. If you need clarification, it’s fine to ask the company additional questions to help you make your decision.

If you have questions on similar projects they’ve done, company workplace safety, or questions on specific materials, always ask.

Most companies are glad to answer any questions and can explain why they are best suited for the project.

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