3 Surprising Roof Maintenance Tips That’ll Pay Off

It’s your job as a homeowner to keep a roof over you and your family’s heads. However, in addition to providing that roof, you’ll need to take proper care of it.

Proper roof maintenance will help keep your roof healthy for the years to come, elongating its life and preventing potentially expensive problems.

What are some key steps you can take to ensure your roof remains sound and strong? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few roof maintenance suggestions.

1. Inspect Frequently

Many homeowners do not take the time to check on their roofs on a regular basis. Yes, taking the time to pull the ladder out and climb up to look around is a little bit of work.

However, this small amount of effort can really pay off. Recognizing an issue early on can prevent it from getting worse. It can be the difference between a simple DIY fix and a truly expensive one.

What should you look for while you’re up there? Examine the shingles. Damage from rough weather and the sun can cause shingles to weaken, loosen, or break.

Damage done to shingles is an indication that worse problems could be on their way.

2. Be Wary of Tree Branches

There are a lot of aesthetic benefits to having a lot of trees on your property, but they can provoke a lot of trouble for your roof as well.

If you have large tree branches hanging over your roof, you’ll want to have them trimmed. Rough weather can pull these branches off a tree and send them down on the roof with great force.

This can cause a lot of damage and even a complicated legal situation.

Even if branches aren’t posing a true threat, the leaves, twigs, and other such elements they’re dropping onto the roof might cause issues. These natural debris-creators can build on roofs and in gutters, trapping water.

Standing water on your roof can cause serious issues and damage to the structure of your roof. Taking the time to clear your roof of natural debris can save you a headache down the line.

3. Insulate Your Roof

Speaking of moisture — have you insulated your roof? A home roof that is both insulated and ventilated will stand up much better to moisture that tends to build up there.

Moisture and water can lead to rot, which can be an even more persistent problem during the wet seasons of winter and spring.

Combating moisture and condensation can help your roof stay healthy for many more years, staving off rot and other related issues.

Roof Maintenance Steps to Take

If you’re hoping to maintain the health of your home, you’ll want to strongly consider the roof maintenance suggestions above. Taking these easy tasks into considerations can help you keep your home healthy and avoid costly repairs for years to come.

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