7 Early Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

Your roof can reach its useful life without experiencing any form of failure. But the chances are low, and it requires you to implement preventive maintenance frequently. Only a few roof owners adhere to this.

Don’t be that person who installs a new roof then ignores it starts developing significant problems. Several signs should make you feel the need a getting a new roof. All you have to do is watch out for these signs.

Your family will be safe and at ease when you protect them with a sturdy roof. That’s why something obscure as a patch of moss growing on the roof should concern you. However, before you start making frantic calls for roofing services, here are seven warning signs.

1.Old Age Is the Best Pointer for the Need of a New Roof

You should enjoy the services of a quality roof for about 20 to 25 years before it succumbs to wear and tear. When your roof has existed past this limit, then maybe it’s time to schedule an appointment with your roofing company.

You’ll have the option of installing a new roof or overlaying it. Overlaying describes a process where you install a new layer of shingles over the old roof.

Overlaying is a bit cheaper, but it hides any problems that may be underneath your roof. It’s better to tear the old roofing apart and install a fresh one.

2.Damaged Chimneys

Reputable roofing companies install a water-tight seal, which is the flashing, around the chimney. The flashing, whose material consists of either aluminum or steel, has a lifespan of about 30 years. Rusting or cracking of this seal permits water to seep into your chimney.

Leaks in the chimney is an affirmative response if you are not sure about getting a new roof. Flashings should outlast the lifespan of the general roofing. If it has faults, then you are in dire need of replacing the roof.

3.Penetration of Light

An obvious sign of the need for a new roof is the penetration of light into your attic. Many homeowners only notice the need for new roofing when there is a storm. That’s the only time they can’t avoid spotting stormwater penetrating their houses.

The penetration of light through roof boards is a sign that there are holes. Your shingles are unable to protect the structure beneath them once light penetrates through. The presence of water strains on the roofing boards is an early sign of a developing hole.

4.Missing, Buckling, or Curling Shingles

It would help if you spared some of your time to periodically check the valleys of your roof and the slopes that receive direct sunlight. Shingles that appear to be buckling or curly are past their life span.

You can opt to replace the individual shingles that are buckling or warping if it’s only a few of them. However, you won’t have any other choice apart from installing a new roof when most shingles are missing or worn out.

The valleys are integral to the roofing system because that’s where the roofing’s slopes meet. The valley forms the pathway that directs rainwater into your gutters. For this reason, they are susceptible to leaking when you have missing shingles.

5.Visible Moss

The growth of moss on your roof seems harmless when you first spot it. But after some time, you’ll find out that they are signs of a serious underlying problem.

Allowing your roof to trap moisture fosters mold growth, which is hazardous to the health of the occupants. The growth of moss and mold will also attract pests to come to live on your roof. You don’t want to deal with such inconvenience.

Getting rid of moss on the roof is quite easy, but risky. If you aren’t an expert, you could damage the shingles when you are doing the cleaning. Get in touch with a roof cleaning company for secure and efficient services.

6.Sagging of Some Parts of the Roof

Sagging arises from water accumulation that you don’t attend to over time. It’s not straightforward to know that your roof is accumulating water because the process is insidious. So most people only notice when the effects are at an advanced stage.

Early sagging of some parts of the roof is serious because it has snowballing effects. It damages the shingles and misaligns the slopes, making it difficult for the valleys to channel water into the gutters. Sagging also accelerates the growth of mold, since it increases the abundance of moisture in the roof.

You have to check frequently for signs of sagging on areas that are prone to water accumulation. This makes it possible to identify and remedy any cases on time.

7. The Presence of Icicles

Icicles on the edges of your roof provide an aesthetic aura to your property during winter. Don’t let this fool you as they are a sign of ill health for the roof. They are a sign that your roof has poor ventilation.

The extra weight from these icicles can aggravate the damage to your roof. It can rip off parts of the roof, such as shingles. Further, these icicles increase the likelihood of flooding once they start melting.

Call for roof replacement services when you notice these icicles. If you love them so much, then just get the fake ones.

Get a New Roof to Illuminate Your Property

This is the perfect time to procure a new roof if you are familiar with any or all of the above signs. This will go a long way in stopping any further damage, which ensures that your family remains safe all the time.

The more damage to your roofing, the costlier it becomes to replace it. Enjoy the cost savings by making the earlier replacement. And remember, this is only possible if you know what signs to look out for.

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