Imagine this, you are having a nice relaxing cup of coffee in the morning when all of the sudden you feel water dripping on your head. What do you do?

You don’t want to be running for a bucket every time there is a little bit of rain or weather. Leaky roofs that drip when it rains can also mean that there are bigger underlying issues with your roof.

If you are dealing with a leaky roof and trying to fix the issue, this article is going to help you pinpoint the source of the problem–and figure out how to fix it!

Check Your Flashing

Flashing is a piece of metal that gets installed underneath the shingles. The purpose of them is to help make your roof more water-resistant.

When the flashing is installed, the thin pieces of metal can either get concealed or you can expose them. If the flashing is cracked you will be able to see it very clearly from the roof.

The Cause

Tar is typically used to seal flashing when installed. The tar can corrode over time. Also, if your flashing gets exposed, the tar gets left to be damaged by the rain and other weather.

Both of those issues can cause the flashing to crake letting water into your home.

The Solution

You will need to identify the source of the leak. Once you do, use tools to pull the nails up that are securing the flashing. You will also need to remove the shingles that are in your way.

Replace the cracked piece of flashing with a new segment. Use the nails that were previously there. Make sure you are following the same pattern that is already present.

Lastly, put a layer of roofing sealant on the nail heads. This should fix any leak that you previously had if your flashing was cracked!

Broken Shingles

A broken shingle is one of the most common and easiest problems to fix! Shingles are the outermost layer on your roof. So, when you look up at your roof you will be able to see a patch in your roof that is a different color than the rest.

The Cause

Since the shingles are exposed to the most weather, it is pretty common for the shingles to break off. Hail is a very common cause of broken shingles.

The Solution

If you are missing the shingles, go and get a few spare ones to replace the missing or broken shingles. If you are replacing a broken shingle, use a pry bar and pull up until the nails are loose, and take out the nails.

Pull out the shingle and then take a new one and replace it. Secure the new shingle with new nails.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutters are the very lining of the roof. Their purpose is to carry water away from your roof. When you look up you might even be able to see leaves or other debris sticking up out of the gutter if it is clogged.

The Cause

If something gets stuck in the gutter a major blockage can occur. The water stops traveling away from the roof and gets stuck on the blockage. The gutter can start to overflow.

This gives the water more of a chance to get in cracks in your roof.

The Solution

It’s time to break out the ladder. Once you are up to the height of your gutter, use your hands to scoop away anything that is blocking the gutter.

Typically it is easiest if you lay down a tarp or towel so that the debris is easier to dispose of.

Condensation Upstairs

When you are up in your attic, do you see mold or mildew? You might even smell an odor. This means that there is a leak in your attic.

The Cause

Because the attic is right in between the indoors and the outdoors two temperatures being trapped up there. Condensation forms and that means that there will be a lot of moisture.

An example is when it is very cold outside in the winter, but you have the heat set high in your home to keep warm.

The Solution

Make sure that you take care of the mold first. You should never have mold in your home!

You can add ventilation fans as a precaution to make sure that this never happens again. It is also important to make sure that the roof vents are clear and there are no blockages in them.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

The point where your roof planes come together at a point is called valleys. This area of the roof is typically sloped. So, if the valley is not sealed properly it makes it very easy for water to get into your home.

Look for leaky spots in the seams of your roof or ceiling.

The Cause

The sealant can erode over time if the home or roof is older or if there was a lot of rain or hail.

Sometimes, the sealing may not have been properly installed or sealed.

The Solution

This is one of those instances where it is going to be best to call in the professionals! Your roof will most likely need a new leak barrier on the valley.

Leaky Roof? Call The Professionals

Many common problems can cause a leaky roof. You may have broken shingles, there may be condensation in your attic, or part of your roof may not be sealed properly.

Some of these common problems can be solved easily. However, if you can not figure out why you have a leaky roof, it is time to call the professionals.  Najar’s Roofing can help!

We are a family-owned roofing company based in Dallas Texas. Regain your peace of mind and let us help you fix your roof. Call us today and get a consultation!