How Much To Replace A Roof And Why It’s Better Than A Repair

worker dismantling roof shingles

You probably shouldn’t wait for a small waterfall to come through the ceiling of your room before you think about repair or replacing your home’s roof. Even a small water leak can lead to much more than meets the eye.

Making the decision either to go for the roof repair or completely replace the roof usually comes down to one question—how much to replace a roof?

In this article, we’ll talk about how much it costs to replace a roof and why it’s usually better than a repair.

The Age of Your Roof Matters

Before you decide to repair or replace your roof, first consider how old your roof is. Most asphalt shingles have between 15 and 30 good years. If the damaged area is small, and you just had your roof replaced 7 years ago, then a roof repair might make more sense.

However, if your roof is living anywhere between the 15 and 30-year mark, well it’s best to go the complete replacement route.

How Badly Damaged Is Your Roof?

Most roof repairs are made because of a leak, or some damaged area caused by a falling tree limb or hail. If your damaged area is small, or the leak is minor and easy to find, repairing your roof is a viable option.

At times though, a roof will have multiple leaks or a significant amount of damage spanning all across the area of the roof. In cases like these, it’s more justifiable to have the roof completely replaced.

What Is Your Roof Made Of?

Of course, not all materials are easy to make repairs on. Alternatively, not all roof types are cheap to completely replace.

For example, a damaged 40-year old slate roof with decades of life still left on it, will more likely be repaired rather than replaced. A damaged asphalt roof on the other hand, with only 10 years of life expectancy, is a lot more affordable to replace.

It Usually Makes More Sense to Replace vs Repair

Repairs are undoubtedly less expensive and more of a short-term solution. And a new roof in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can cost on average $7,300—a big expense no doubt.(Check out this roof cost estimate to see how much your roof replacement will cost)

There are valid reasons why it makes more sense to completely replace a roof, regardless of how much to replace a roof may cost. Here are some reasons why:

1. Aesthetics

Patching a roof doesn’t always look good from below. That’s because old shingles are faded and get worn out by the sun. Even if the new shingles are color-matched as close as possible, it’s usually pretty obvious and visible from below.

2. Less Future Repairs

Making repairs to an old roof that needs replacement will only ward off the inevitable for so long. More and more repairs will be needed until eventually, the entire roof will need replacing.

3. Cost Less In The Long Run

Hiring a trusted roofing contractor to make small repairs can add up quickly. That’s because smaller jobs are bid at a higher rate than bigger jobs. At times, its more cost-effective to replace your roof entirely, than to continue to hire contractors to do small repairs on an old roof.

4. New Warranty

A professionally installed roof comes with a warranty that covers damage to the materials due to manufacturer errors. These warranties don’t last forever and are usually expired with older roofs.

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