Keep a Roof Over Your Head: 5 Signs That You Need Roofing Work

Storm damaged roof on house with a blue plastic tarp over hole in the shingles and rooftop.

Homeowners put off roofing work for as long as possible. Whenever a roofing contractor visits, it always seems like bad news. If you’re unlucky and fall for a roofing scam, the bad news comes with a high price tag.

A whole new roof can cost thousands of dollars. How can you spare your bank account from a bill that size? Pay attention to your roof and schedule regular maintenance visits.

New homeowners might not know what to look for when checking for roof problems. This week, set aside half an hour to look over your roof. Use this guide to find lesser-known roofing problems.

1. There Is Mold in the Attic

As the weather changes, your roofing materials expand and contract. The movement creates tiny cracks that allow water to seep into the roof deck. After one rainy season, your wet roof deck is covered in mold.

Mold spores spread through the air. The mold on the roof deck will spread to the attic. A draft going through the attic can spread mold to the entire home.

2. Strange Debris Falls Off of the Roof

Asphalt shingles have small granules on top to reflect sunlight away from the roof. Over time the granules work free from the asphalt and land in the gutter. If you see fistfuls of granules after a storm, it’s time for a new roof.

Moss and algae build up in low spots on your roof. During hot, dry weather, the moss dries up and falls off the roof. Keep your roof debris-free to discourage moss and algae growth.

3. A Strong Storm Swept Through Town

The DFW area is no stranger to powerful storms. In June 2019, 4 tornadoes hit the area in a single day. The top wind speed recorded that day was 95 MPH.

It takes 40 MPH winds to rip branches off a tree. At wind speeds of 50 MPH, your roof is sure to lose a few shingles.

Don’t assume that since the tornado didn’t hit your home that it’s safe. Call a roofing contractor to look for storm damage before the next storm hits.

4. Local Wildlife Took Over Your Roof

Your roof is a tiny ecosystem complete with plants and bugs. The older your roof is, the more established the ecosystem. That’s when birds, squirrels, and rodents take an interest in your roof, as well.

Local birds like woodpeckers wreak havoc on roofing materials. Rodents pry up shingles to snack on bugs.

5. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Bought a New Roof

The asphalt roof you got a good deal on 15 years ago? It’s already time to replace it. Unfortunately, most asphalt shingles come with a 20-year lifespan.

When you call your roofing contractor to replace the roof, ask about durable options. Tile roofing lasts 5-10 times longer than asphalt shingles.

Let a Local Professional Handle Your Difficult Roofing Work

Did you spot one of these 5 roofing problems? Then it’s time to find a trustworthy roofer in Arlington. Roofing work is dangerous and should be taken care of by professionals.

The professionals at Najars Roofing are ready to tackle your roof repair needs. Do you need a whole new roof, instead? Our team will help you through the entire roof replacement process.

Contact Najars Roofing today to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free inspection service.