What Is the Best Roof for a Texas Home? An Expert’s Guide

Man on roof nailing on new shingles.

Have you had damage to your roof? Are you experiencing any leaks?

Whether you’re having trouble with your existing roof or you know it’s getting older and may be time to replace it, you’re probably wondering what kind of roof to choose.

There are so many more choices than regular asphalt shingles now. How can you tell which is the best for your new roof? Take a look at our guide to the best roof below to decide what materials to pick.

Clay Tiles

One of the best roofing materials is tile. While these tiles are no longer made entirely out of clay, they are still very wind-resistant. Now they’re made with galvanized steel in the middle, coated with stone. A tile roof is a popular style in the Southwest.

Texas is full of Spanish-style homes with adobe walls and décor around the archways and windows. Also called hacienda style, this type of home also typically has rounded balconies. They often have wooden doors and fairly plain exterior walls.

Roof pitch on these homes is traditionally flatter than other architectural styles. At the same time, if your home was built more recently to mimic this style, you could have a steeper pitch than traditional Spanish-style homes.

The Best Roof: Metal Trends

If you’re asking, “What is the best type of roof for a home?” then you need to look at metal roofs. These are a relatively new trend but they are probably the best type of roof because of their longevity. Most metal roofs last 30-50 years, almost double that of a traditional shingled roof.

These can be copper, zinc, steel, and even titanium. Many of them also withstand high winds, so if you’re in a zone with tornados or other extreme weather, a metal roof may be the best choice.

Metal roofs come in many colors, and aesthetic is important. A new roof will change the appearance of your home, so ask if you can see some examples of the finished product. Knowing what it will look like can help you decide what to do.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the best residential roofing option if you’re on a budget and you live in a zone with moderate temperatures. They last for 15-25 years depending on the style and brand.

The installation cost for this type of roof is also lower, although it can vary. How many layers of shingles are underneath your current roof? The roofing company may have a more difficult time if there are several layers to remove before installing the new shingles.

A Roof Over Your Head

Choosing what type of material to use for your new roof is a big decision. Home repairs can be expensive, and fear of making the wrong choice can be crippling.

Consider durability and budget as you make your choices. The options above will help you narrow down the possibilities and find the best roof material for your home.

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